When I start explaining more about this subject I’m confident you’ll begin to recognise what it’s all about – especially if you’ve been in the motor industry a while.

But for this article, I’m going to assume you’re ‘new to the business’ or you would welcome a quick reminder.

First, what does CPD stand for?

CPD is an abbreviation for Continued Professional Development. Most, if not all, professions will be expected to deliver or take part in training specific to their industry – it’s not exclusive to the motor industry. Courses are developed to underpin the specialist knowledge required in each area so participants can increase their expertise and so provide a better service to their customers.

Many of the courses are mandatory, especially in areas linked to health and safety. And all trainers must be qualified to deliver them.

For MOT stations, this means all MOT testers must take a mandatory online training course and assessment each year. Only when taking and passing the assessment do DVSA consider them compliant and able to test.  

Note: All MOT testers must complete and register an annual assessment to retain their tester status.  

What’s involved in the assessment?

The assessment is multiple-choice based on the topics DVSA specify for the current year, but will also include questions on subjects from previous years.

This year the pass mark is 80%, but it’s an ‘open book’ assessment – which means it can be taken up to three times.

What are the topics covered in the training and assessment?

The topics set for this training year, 2020/2021, for Class 2 testers are – 

  • The requirements for issuing various MOT documents
  • The disciplinary points system
  • Which vehicle categories fall into Group A
  • The MOT Inspection Manual for motorcycles and sidecars

The 2020/2021 topics for Class 4 testers are – 

  • The requirements for issuing various MOT documents
  • The disciplinary points system
  • Which vehicle categories fall into Group B
  • The MOT Inspection Manual for cars and passenger vehicles

NOTE: Any tester who tests in both classes must take both courses.

Where can I take the CPD training?

It’s appreciated that people have many different learning styles; so training can be taken in several ways. Here are some of the choices:

An online course, taken as part of a training/assessment package.

Others prefer to take things at their own pace so opt for personal reading and research of the current topics on their own.

If learning in a focussed group is what works for you, then you should choose a classroom environment with a training company. (Usually, the most popular choice as it offers both professional and peer support.)

Some opt for learning at work amongst their colleagues. However, be aware that this can also be distracting at times!

Whichever way you choose to learn, the final assessment is always an online test.

Why is taking this training course and assessment essential?

This qualification is not a ‘nice to have’ in your profession. It’s a ‘must-have’. And DVSA rules are that it must be renewed each year you plan to work as a tester.

Therefore, if we consider this year as an example; any tester who has not completed and registered their training and assessment results by 31.3.2021 will have their tester status revoked. 

It’s not a risk worth taking for something so easy to arrange!

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